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Posted on 1 janvier 2022 In News
When the Normans came and conquered in 1066, they brought the French language with them. So why did it not persist, and how did English [...]
Posted on 1 décembre 2021 In News
Publishers avoid highlighting the people who choose every word of the books they bring to English readers. This lack of transparency is misguided and unfair. [...]
Posted on 1 novembre 2021 In News
English has a long tradition of wrangling over its lack of a gender-neutral pronoun. Read more
Posted on 1 octobre 2021 In News
Dutch has reached an all-time low in Wallonia as a language study choice for pupils. Read more
Posted on 1 septembre 2021 In News
Lila Gleitman’s research illuminated the way children learn to speak. Read more
Posted on 1 août 2021 In News
But they and interpreters rarely get their due. Read more
Posted on 1 juillet 2021 In News
As long as people joke, swear and use irony, computers will never take the place of translators. Read more
Posted on 16 juin 2021 In News
They slice up the messy reality of life differently from your own. Read more
Posted on 7 juin 2021 In News
The Walloon government will mobilise €10 billion to boost the economy, one of the key measures of which will be to promote the learning of [...]
Posted on 10 mai 2021 In News
If you want an obituary in the New York Times, there is one sure-fire way: coin a famous word. People have found their way into [...]